Link your Fitbit pedometer to earn points (XP) and exercise resources in SpaPlay.   Don’t have a Fitbit? You can manually track your steps on their site and automatically earn points in our game.

Its easy to link FitBit to SpaPlay:

  1. Click on the pen icon on your settings page and check the “sync with Fitbit check box”.
  2. Click allow on the Connect to FitBit Popup.
  3. Click the refresh button on the sign beside the Fitbit running track whenever you want to sync your Fitbit data to SpaPlay.
  4. Click the XP icon whenever it shows up over your track to earn points and exercise.
  5. Click on the track if you want to see how many steps you have done over time.
  6. Your track runner will run for one minute for every six steps you take in real life.
  7. If you want to manually track your steps then create an account at
  8. Buy a Fitbit here if you don’t have one. 
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