My Circle of Health -Lose Weight and Keep it Off Program


Do you struggle to lose weight and keep it off? Are you looking for support and tools to help you lose weight while staying healthy?   If this sounds like you, then please join us for the My Circle of Health – Lose Weight and keep it Off Program. And get practical and proven techniques and support to lose unwanted pounds.

This program is a blend of online information sessions, live coaching,  personalized meal and weight loss planning, group support and fun.  To motivate you further, you can earn points and unlock coupons and rewards by following the online “My Circle of Health” weight loss plan on SpaPlay.

Early Registration Bonuses

This package is valued at over $1,000, but register now, and you will get it for only $99! The first 3 people who register will also get a free 30 minute private coaching session with Rhetah Kwan.

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What’s Included?

  1. Four online group sessions. (value $500)
  2. Personalized weight loss assessment and plan (value $200)
  3. Personalized meal plan and recipes (value $200)
  4. Customized My Circle of Health Online Weight Loss Plan on SpaPlay. ($100 value)
  5. Chance to support and cheer on other like-minded women through the online group sessions and SpaPlay (priceless!)
  6. Prizes for everybody who completes the online plan on SpaPlay

**The first 3 people who register will also get a free 30 minute private coaching session with Rhetah Kwan.

About the Expert

Rhetah Kwan is an innovative, Certified Coach with 20 years proven success.  Having lost over 200 pounds herself, Rhetah knows what it’s like to struggle to lose weight and knows what works!  She compellingly blends inspiration with proven life experience to show you how to lose weight and get healthy.  She has the compassion and tools needed to help you win in 2014! If you have questions about the program contact Rhetah at

 Program schedule:

The dates of the program will be based on participant availability

  • Participants complete a health & weight loss assessment (prior to session 1)
  • Session 1 (45 minutes) (Initiation).  Go through your assessment, make a plan and move on to execute the plan.    
  • Sessions 2 (45 minutes) (2nd week ) Address the emotional aspects of weight loss. 
  • Sessions 3 (45 minutes): (4th week ) Check –up session to allow participants to give voice to their self-sabotage and allow them to share their progress.   
  • Session 4 (45 Minutes)– (6th week ) Check –up & maintenance moving forward. Participants will share their progress, get support and new ideas to stay motivated.   

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